Our philosophy:

“It is really quite simple. I love to eat. I love to use all the earthly resources at my fingertips to create a wonderfully satisfying eating experience.  I’ve learned that the most satisfying outcome always comes from the food that is freshly harvested, quickly used, and grown with good intentions.  Using locally sourced and seasonal food allows me to be creative. Making my kids eat beets in the fall/winter has taken lots of trial and error.  Any food can be delicious prepared the right way.”
~ Vicky

chicken salad sandwich

The food:

Providing authentic food full of flavor is our focus. We integrate delicious, healthy food and environmentally friendly practices every day, both at our restaurant and in our catering.  At Taste Local, all your dietary needs can be met with ease. We control all the ingredients in our food. Everything from the BBQ sauce to the whipped cream is made in house.  In our kitchen you will find creative spins on all your classic favorites while keeping those tastebuds growing with uniquely crafted dishes.

berry salad


Taste Local is a value-driven restaurant and catering establishment.  We always prefer to source from local farmers whenever possible. We practice sustainability. We value our local community and those who reside in it.  We know we are only as good as the people and community we surround our selves with. The people we work with daily are part of our family.  We need to feel like we are all working together with the same mission….to give at least as much as we take.