Usually our days are so hurried and so rushed, as we dash from one event to the next. Work, errands, dance practices and soccer games fill our days and when we finally get a chance to relax, we can’t help but wonder where the time went. But these moments where we get to sit and take everything in are sometimes the best and most peaceful times of our day. Sometimes, we have to be increasingly purposeful to make this time happen, because ultimately, we owe it to ourselves.

Take time for you and your day by spending a morning at Taste Local. Our breakfast options offer sweet and savory ways for you to truly enjoy your morning. With our house-made biscuits and gravy or our pesto egg bakes, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the serenity your busy life needs at our breakfast restaurant. For something sweeter, try our blueberry pancakes with lemon curd or churro french toast to make your day start off wonderfully. And as always, our breakfast restaurant promises to use local ingredients from sustainable sources, which means you can guarantee our meals are providing some of the freshest and most seasonal ingredients to create the most incredible flavors. Feel free to peruse our menu for all breakfast options!

Come in for breakfast on your own, get caught up with a friend, or buy from our grab-and-go section—because even though we hope you get a chance to slow down, we get that it might not be this very minute. With oatmeal, homemade pastries and scones, and sweet breakfast bites, you’ll still get a chance to enjoy the morning, even if just for a moment. And at Taste Local, savoring the moment is what we’re all about.

We are quick to put ourselves second, or third, or even last at times to help others and fulfill commitments. But in order to be there for everyone and everything else, we need to first be there for ourselves. If being intentional in the time we devote to us involves luxurious breakfasts and brunch options, or savory sandwiches and desserts, then we’re all for it, and think you should be too. Give yourself the time you deserve by stopping by our breakfast restaurant. Open from 9-2pm Wednesday, Thursday, 8-2pm Friday through Sundays, we know our sustainable and savory meals are exactly what you’re in need of. Visit Taste Local for a brunch restaurant that goes above and beyond—just like you do.