It’s September, and while we’re wondering exactly how summer flew by so fast, we also are in this weird in-between stage when it comes to seasons. September is the transitory period for weather, where you’re on the verge of breaking out the boots and scarves, but it’s also still 85℉ outside. The pumpkin-spiced everything is back, but the heat has you still craving some cool and refreshing watermelon. We’ve reached the end of summer, which makes it the perfect time for a celebratory dinner party.

This is one of the last times for several months that the summer flavors are in full force, which is why this period of time should be taken advantage of. Throwing an end-of-summer dinner party for your friends and family will be such a great time to not only relax and unwind, but to highlight some of the amazing memories made throughout the summer. Take a look at some of our dinner party ideas that you can utilize to celebrate the end of the warmer months, and work with Taste Localfor amazing sandwiches, catering, and more!

A Picturesque Picnic

Based in Loveland, we know that the nearby lakes and mountain vistas can make any evening a beautiful one. A way to truly embrace the warmer evenings while they still last is to host a dinner party, picnic style! Pick a spot at a scenic park, or plan an evening out to Estes Park, and get everyone together for the ultimate dining al fresco experience. Bring blankets for the traditional approach, or set up folding tables and chairs to really take fine dining to a new level.

Make the picnic even easier for planning by working with Taste Local! Our sandwiches are a true delicacy, and take advantage of the local produce that the end of summer’s bounty can bring. Try our trio of bruschetta, chipotle rubbed steaks, grilled kebobs (complete with a trio of dipping sauces) and so much more. No matter which of our summer grill dinner options you choose, you and your guests are sure to enjoy a beautiful evening set beneath a mountain backdrop.

Non-Traditional Tea Party

Many adults remember the tea parties of days past—dressing up, pouring imaginary (or if you were lucky, actual) tea, and just practicing a general sense of fanciness was a great time. Those days need not exist as a memory, as you can easily bring the theme back for a tea party for dinner!

Go all out and invite everyone over to dress up to the nines—and maybe give a second breath to those otherwise unused bridesmaid dresses—bring out the fancy china, and serve your best tea (though a good bottle of Pinot works equally as well). To take this unconventional dinner party up a notch, work with Taste Local for some of the most savory catering around! Our tea party catering menu is comprised of mouth-watering sandwiches, such as our open-face spicy shrimp remoulade, scones, and other small plates.

One thing’s for sure, your guests will relive some of childhood nostalgia in the best of ways, and will truly love the chance to get together while enjoying some incredible delicacies. Take a look at our catering menu to get some more ideas, and fill out our catering inquiry to get started. With Taste Local as your caterer of choice, having a magical dinner party is practically a guaran-tea.

Backyard BBQ, But Easier

Summer is the epitome of the backyard barbecue. With so much of the local and fresh summer produce about to fade away for the next several months, now is the time to enjoy the final spoils of summer. Yet hosting a backyard barbecue is harder to do, in terms of finding the time, preparing all the food, cleaning up, and everything in between. Make your final backyard barbecue your best by catering with us!

Our BBQ dinner option is not only sourced from local ingredients for the freshest and fullest flavor imaginable, but essentially, was created to knock your socks off. Indulge in our blue cheese stuffed burgers (or grilled portabella mushrooms as a vegetarian option), a lime-cilantro slaw, and for dessert, chocolate buttermilk cake with blackberries. We’re pretty sure your guests will be talking about this dinner party for years to come.

The end of summer has a bittersweet feeling to it. We love and look forward to fall, but it’s hard to say goodbye to the sweetness that summer can bring. Having a wonderful dinner party to commemorate the equally wonderful times that this summer brought is such an excellent way to close this chapter of the year. Food is all about bringing people together, and that’s what Taste Local strives to do. Our restaurant and catering showcases our expertise in sustainability and cuisine combined. Contact us today to get the best in catering for your end-of-summer dinner party; we look forward to working with you!