It is really quite simple. I love to eat. I love to use all the earthly resources at my fingertips to create a wonderfully satisfying eating experience.  I’ve learned that the most satisfying outcome always comes from the food that is freshly harvested, quickly used, and grown with good intentions.  Using locally sourced and seasonal food allows me to be creative. Making my kids eat beets in the fall/winter has taken lots of trial and error.  Any food can be delicious prepared the right way.

~ Vicky

About Vicky

*I have lived in 3 countries and 9 states and traveled all over the world.  I gain a ton of my love of food and knowledge of flavors from all of this travel.

*My mother was born and raised in Germany, moved here when she was almost 30.  She imparted on us a love of fresh food and homemade cooking.

*I published a cookbook with a friend of mine called “The Movable Feast: A Picnic Cookbook for all seasons”

*I am a single mother to 4 children that love to eat and also love to cook with me.